Main League Rules

Main Moravian League results are based upon the highest 6 scores from weekend colour coded events run by Moravian or neighbouring clubs (INVOC, BASOC, MAROC and GRAMPOC) during the year that runs from one AGM to the next.

Points are awarded according to a complex mathematical formula based on sex and age. People running in an easier class have their times adjusted to make the results fairer for all. To avoid any loadings, the correct course for each age class for 2016/2017 is as follows:


Brown M18 M20 M35 M40        
Blue M45 M50 W18 W20 W35 W40    
Green M16 W16 M55 M60 M65 M70 W45 W50
Light Green M14 W14 M75 M80 M85 W60 W65 W75
Orange M12 W12 W75 W80 W85      
Yellow M10 W10            
White All under 10s          


The factor used to load the times of people running out of class varies. For example, although both M45 and M50 should run Blue, if they both ran Green then the M45 would attract a higher time loading that the M50. There is no time advantage for running in a higher class.

The 2 important things to remember are:

- If you run in a lower class, you will attract a time loading that will probably mean you will get fewer points than if you ran in the correct class.

- Orienteering is fun; run whatever course you feel comfortable with and enjoy.