(14th June) Moravian Members - Have we got your latest contact details?

We've noticed from Mail Chimp readership stats that about 30% of our members aren't getting our weekly newsletters. We know that one or two members access the newsletter from the link in this web site (under the Members tab) which would stop you showing up in the stats, but we suspect that newsletters might be ending up in some people's spam. If you've not been getting yours, please check your spam folders.


We also wonder if some of you might have changed your email address. If this is the case, British Orienteering and the Scottish Orienteering Association won't have your correct address either, meaning you will be missing out on their mailings such as rankings or incentive scheme awards.

So if you've not been receiving your newsletter and there's nothing in your spam, please email newsletter@moravianorienteering.org and we will update our records.

Please also inform British Orienteering (info@britishorienteering.org) so they can amend their membership data base which is how we access our members' details. You can amend it yourself via your user log in on the BO web site