Oakenhead, Lossiemouth Club Championships Score Sat, 18 Aug 18

Event Info
Location of Event: 
Oakenhead, Lossiemouth
Type of Event: 
Club Championships Score
Event Date: 
Sat, 18-Aug-2018


57° 42' 51.2568" N, 3° 16' 41.376" W
Event Timings
Registration Times: 
10:15 - 10:45
Start Times: 
11:00 - 11:10
Courses Close at: 
Event Details


Take the lane that goes past the footbridge to the beach towards Lossie Beach Caravan Park.


Next To Lossie Beach Caravan Park.

Nearest Toilets

Public Toilets in 400m from Caravan Park towards Lossiemouth Esplanade.  Also, further public toilets at Station Park towards Lossiemouth Harbour.

Safety Information

  • All Competitors take part at their own risk and a choose a course that matches their experience and fitness
  • You MUST report to Download by Course Closing Time

Start and Finish Information

Start & Finish will be close to assembly

Courses available: 

Terrain Description

Mainly fast woodland and open scrubland.  Note that the map has been adjusted to indicate summer vegetation conditions.  The areas with Green Verticle Lines are pretty unpleasant with nettles and overgrowth!

Courses (Colours and Lengths)

Score Orienteering means there are lots of controls out there which you can do in any order you want; HOWEVER, you will incur penalties if you go over the time limit set for the course. So the aim is to take as many controls in as possible within the time limit noting that Each Control has a 'value' between 10 & 40 points.

Based on your known Orienteering performances over the last year (or longer....), we (Alan H) will calculate a handicap for you that means your total points will be adjusted to give everyone a good chance of winning.

U-12s 30 min Score - Controls at Yellow and Orange Level

U16s 30 min Score - Controls up to Lt Green Standard

Open 45 min Score - Controls up to Green Standard

  • Age Classes - Prizes for Male and Female
    •  Up to M/W35
    • Up to M/W55
    • M/W 60 and above
  • Handicap winners in age class
  • Most Points winners
Punch Type: 
Dogs on leads only
Event Prices

Maximum of £2 per person

Event Officials
Roo Hornby
Denise Main
Organiser Email: