Nairn Dunbar Golf Club Northern Night Cup Round 3 Wed, 20 Dec 17

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Location of Event: 
Nairn Dunbar Golf Club
Type of Event: 
Northern Night Cup Round 3
Event Date: 
Wed, 20-Dec-2017


57° 35' 10.4532" N, 3° 51' 32.8284" W
Event Timings
Registration Times: 
17:15 - 18:45
Start Times: 
17:30 - 19:00
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Event Details

Pre-entries are now closed. You can see the list of the 78 entries HERE. There is some limited entry on the day while ever we have maps available. There are 2 Long, 2 Medium and 6 Short course maps available on a 1st-come-1st-served basis so arrive early if you want one.

We will give free entry to our next NNC event (round 5 at Culbin on Wed 17 Jan) to anyone who has pre-entered but is unavoidably absent on the night.

Are you new to orienteering?

Don't worry. This will be fun whatever your ability level. The aim is to navigate your way as fast as poss via a series of electronic checkpoints. You get a tag that you wear on your finger that records your progress and downlods your time at the finish. All the courses are on the golf course so you will always know roughly where you are - if  not always with quite the precision you'd like! The map we give you is very detailed shows you exactly where to go. All you have to do is pick the right route. The markers are reflective - you can't miss them once you have your head torch shining the right way.


On the east side of the centre of Nairn. Just a short way down Lochloy Road from the  A96 traffic light junction by the Morning noon and Night shop.


At the Golf Club, with Assembly in the Club House

Nearest Toilets

At the venue

Safety Information

  • All Competitors take part at their own risk and a choose a course that matches their experience and fitness (under 14s must run with an adult unless they have proven competence at night orienteering - parents please discuss with us at registration if in doubt).
  • All competitors must register before running even if you have you own brikke
  • You MUST report to Download by Course Closing Time
  • Make sure your head torch is fully charged. We recommend carrying an emergency spare!
  • Beware of low ropes

Start and Finish Information

Close to the clubhouse



Soup and sandwiches available to buy in the club house - please let us know at registration if you'd like some.

Courses available: 

Terrain Description

A Golf Course.  Please don't run on the greens and bunkers, which will be marked on the map as out of bounds


Long (5.4 Km) - 2 spare maps for EOD

Medium (3.8 Km) - 2 spare maps for EOD

Short (2.2 Km) - 6 spare maps for EOD

Long and medium are as technical difficult as the terrain will allow (ie nowhere near as hard as traditional forest orienteering!). Short is Technical Difficulty 3 (medium) but due to a lack of suitable line features the short course will be technically slightly harder than the guidelines.  Note however that all courses stay within the confines of the perimeter fence. 

Map scale is 1:5,000, contour interval 2.5m

Please see the guidelines on the NNC website

Children under 14 must run with an adult unless they have proven competence at night orienteeering. Parents please discuss with us at registration if in doubt.

Sorry, no dogs allowed

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Event Prices

£6 seniors, £3 juniors. £1 extra for non-members.

Event Officials
Steve Smirthwaite
Colin Matheson
Ali Wiseman
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