Culbin Saturday and Moray & Nairn Schools League Sat, 08 Sep 18

Event Info
Location of Event: 
Type of Event: 
Saturday and Moray & Nairn Schools League
Event Date: 
Sat, 08-Sep-2018


57° 37' 53.8068" N, 3° 40' 50.34" W
Event Timings
Registration Times: 
10:15 - 11:15
Start Times: 
10:30 - 12:00
Courses Close at: 
Event Details

A cracking event with 5 courses on offer.  You will be visiting parts not used for orienteering for a wee while (at least in daylight!).


The event will be signposted from the A96, west of Forres



Registration and assembly are at Wellhill car park (near Kintessack) at grid reference NH 997615.  This s a public car park and FCS parking charges apply (£1.50 for 3 hours). Please consider sharing transport where possible and park well.  Thank you.


Nearest Toilets

There are toilets at the car park

Safety Information

  • All Competitors take part at their own risk and a choose a course that matches their experience and fitness
  • You MUST report to Download by Course Closing Time



Courses available: 

Terrain Description

One of the UK's best orienteering areas...runnable forested sand dunes and heathery hummocks make for tricky contour navigation for the harder courses whilst a path network allows lots of interest on shorter courses.  

Courses (Colours and Lengths)

The start and finish are approximately 250m from assembly/car park


Course on offer:

There are more courses than usual for a local event,  to make the best of a very good area.

We always have people to help explain the courses and give advice at registration. 

White,  1.9km: Very easy along a variety of paths, all terrain buggy freindly.

Orange, 3.1km:  A challenge for improvers: the fastest routes will cut corners between paths to find controls, sometimes using other line features or a compass to navigate

Light Green 3.7km: Difficult- some controls in tricky contour areas, but with paths and other line features nearby you shouldn't go too far long for too long!

Short Green, 3.4km: Very difficult with navigation by contours, but not very long (shorter than a normal 'Green' course)

Blue, 6.8km:  Mentally and physically demanding in some really tricky areas for fit and experienced orienteers. Start early if you're not sure how long you'll take!


A compass is necessary for all the courses except White.  If you would like to borrow one, and/or learn how to use one ask us at registration.

No yellow course? Sorry, we cant fit everything in at every event. If you normally do a yellow with a partner, try the easier white on your own.  If you normally do yellow on your own, you could team up with someone to tackle the orange together, just ask us for advice and tips.

If you would like a more expereinced orienteer to shadow you, please let us know and we will try to match you up.  Its the prefect way to develop your skills without the risk of getting too lost!



Schools League Info

Anyone attending School in Moray or Nairn is automatically entered in to the Schools League competition. 

Remember to give the name of your school on your entry form. The best 4 competitors from each school count for the teams but any number can take part.

Schools League competitors can run on any course - higher points can be scored by successfully completing the longer/harder courses but only by achieving a clear round. Shadowing by parents is allowed on the shortest course, but not on the others. Secondary and primary pupils will be scored separately. See the 'Leagues' menu for schools competition information.

Please register as an individual, but you're welcome to run with a friend and help each other out as you go. For groups of 3 or more running together, only 2 individual times can count for your school team score. This is to make it fair for the majority of more experienced juniors who do the course on their own or as pairs. It's the best 4 times that count for the Schools League - you can see the full rules and information HERE.

Press and Photography

Previews and post-event reports for all our events appear in the local press. We often take photos at events that may be used in the press, but will not name anyone under 18 without parental consent. You can see previous press reports in our press album on Facebook.

Punch Type: 
Dogs on leads only
Event Prices
Adults £4
Adults £5
£1 discount for using own brikke
£1 discount for Oclub members


Club membership costs £18 for seniors and just £3.30 for juniors (under 21). It entitles you to £1 off your entry fee for this event as well as discounted entry at all Moravian events, and most events organized by other clubs. If you'd like to become a member, please click HERE - your membership will be valid until the end of 2017.

Please note that non-members of an orienteering club are only covered under our insurance for 3 events.


Information for parents "shadowing" junior runners

Adults shadowing juniors only need pay for the junior entry. Please allow your son/daughter to do most of the navigation themselves. If you are doing all the navigation for them (ie they're chasing you round the course), please let us know at registration so we can note you down as "non competitive" or register you as an adult.

We encourage adult "shadowers" to help out if you see your children going obviously, wrong or getting stuck, but please wait for them to ask you for help before stepping in. That's all part of the learning process and helps build their self-confidence. This also makes it fair for the children that do the course all by themselves. Thank you.

Event Officials
Elizabeth Furness
Ali Wiseman
Ian Addis