Culbin Forest Full Colour-Coded Event incorporating Moray and Highland Junior Championships Sun, 20-May

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Location of Event: 
Culbin Forest
Type of Event: 
Full Colour-Coded Event incorporating Moray and Highland Junior Championships
Event Date: 
Sun, 20-May-2012


57° 37' 53.4936" N, 3° 40' 47.3484" W
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Registration Times: 
10:00 - 12:30
Start Times: 
11:00 - 13:00
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Final Details

For more detailed information, especially if you're new to orienteering, please click here

Please note that the Forestry Commission have introduced a parking charge (£1.50 per car for up to 3 hrs, £2 all day). This is to help pay for the maintenance of the excellent facilities at Culbin. Please respect this charge and pay at the machine - the Forestry Commission are extremely supportive of Moravian Orienteers and by demonstrating our integrity by paying this small charge it can only enhance the good reputation that orienteering enjoys. Thank you!


Now here's a Notice from British Orienteering for Elite Orienteers and their coaches and advisers; there are (sadly) very few MOR and INVOC members or that this affects:

Pre-entries are strongly recommended as this will speed things up on the day (although not necessarily your orienteering!) and guarantee you a place on the course you want to do. Entries on the day are available until maps run out. Please be aware that this area is embargoed for the 2015 World Orienteering Championships and any persons who, through knowledge of the terrain, may influence the results of the competitions, are not allowed to enter this area. Public roads are open for passage through the terrain.

This event is also the last chance for the rest of us mortals to compete in Culbin before the forest is embargoed for orienteering in the lead-up to the 6-Day event in 2013. For regular orienteers it will be another classic full-on Culbin event on this superlative orienteering terrain, with 8 courses from an ultra-easy White to a Brown that will stretch the top elites to the limit... and something to suit everyone else in between. But for us as a club it's most-importantly an exciting competiton for youngsters in Moray and Highland, who have experienced orienteering at school, taken part in the various schools championships organised by the Moravian and Inverness clubs, or perhaps been to the odd local event. It's run with the support and assistance of Moray Active Schools and High Life Highland and supported by the Big Lottery 2014 Communities programme.

The junior championship classes are not aimed at the experts! They're pitched at an easier standard than regular club juniors will be used to, and for that reason, club juniors who think the course designated for their age group is too easy are encouraged (but by no means obliged) to enter an older age category or the open-age junior elite - whichever class uses a course of the standard they're used to.

As most parents of junior orienteers enjoy the sport, we can't miss the opportunity of providing entertainment for you as well, especially as Culbin is one of the very best orienteering areas in the UK.  So we're providing a full set of open-entry colour coded courses and if your son/daughter is taking part we recommend you have a go too. The 'orange' or 'long orange' are ideal for adults new to orienteering, and we're offering discounted entry fees for adults entering these courses. Details of course lengths etc are in the next section. The result for all competitors aged 16 and over who are members of British Orienteering will contribute to the national UK rankings. On-line entries are open now at

No prizes for the adults we're afraid, but we have some rather nice trophies for the junior winners, plus a Buff - a snazzy item of headgear donated by Buffera Ltd. There will be engraved medals for 2nd and 3rd in each of the 10 junior classes. Here they are........


Some of the trophies to be awarded on the day.

Courses available: 

There will be 8 courses available as follows:

Technical Difficulty 5 (Hard):

Brown 10.1 Km, Blue 6.8 Km, Green 5.0 Km

Technical Difficulty 4 (Moderately Hard):

Light Green (used by Junior Elite) 3.5 Km

Technical Difficulty 3 (Intermediate):

Long Orange (used by Under 17s) 4.5 Km, Orange (used by Under 15s) 3.1 Km

Technical Difficulty 2 (Easy):

Yellow (used by Under 13s) 2.8 Km

Technical Difficulty 1 (Very Easy):

White (used by Under 11s) 1.7 Km


All above course lengths are subject to minor changes at the direction of the event controller.

The maps are all fully updated and printed on waterproof paper. They will be at 1:7,500 scale (1cm = 75 metres) for all courses except Brown which will be at 1:10,000. The size of the map sheets will be A4 for White, Yellow, Orange, Long Orange and Light Green, and A3 for Green, Blue and Brown.


Moray & Highland Junior Champs runners should enter one of the following classes:

Boys Elite (open age)

Girls Elite (open age)

Boys Under 17

Girls Under 17

Boys Under 15

Girls Under 15

Boys Under 13

Girls Under 13

Boys Under 11

Girls Under 11

Moray & Highland Junior Championship classes are matched to the 'colour coded' courses as shown above. Please note that this championship is aimed at novice juniors, so some juniors who orienteer regularly might find their own age class too easy. Experienced junior orienteers are therefore encouraged (but not obliged) to run in an older age category, or the open-age junior elite, whichever class uses a course appropriate to their ability. Note that unlike in most other orienteering events,your category depends on your age ON THE DAY OF THE RACE and not your British Orienteering age group which is based on your age as at 31 December.

Any Moray/Highland junior who would rather enter an easier/shorter course than the one designated for their age group can still take part. Please enter any of the open 'colour coded' classes in a similar manner to juniors from outside our area. Such competitors won't be eligible for any prizes.


Juniors from outside Moray & Highland are welcome to compete on any course but are also ineligible for trophies. Please therefore enter as a normal 'colour coded' competitor - please DO NOT enter an 'age-group' category.


Note for the uninitiated The link on the fixtures front page takes you directly to the pre-entries web site ( If you're new to entering orienteering events on-line, please don't get confused when you're asked to list your 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice of course during stage 2 of the entry process. This can be ignored! You simply select your entry class at stage 3 from a drop-down list.

Punch Type: 
Dogs on leads only
Event Prices
Adults £8
Juniors £3
£2 discount for adult members of BOF
£1 discount for using own brikke

We welcome novice adults and offer discounted adult entry of £4 on the novice courses (yellow, orange and long orange). If you're a runner with no pretences at being a great navigatior, the long orange will give you an interesting run of a reasonable length without burning too many brain cells (remember that the distance is measured in a straight line - you'll end up running considerably more). 


Event Officials
Joan Noble INVOC
Andrew Barr and Callum White (Scottish Junior Squad)
Pippa Weir. Junior Champs queries to Mike Rodgers
Organiser Phone: 
01309 641413
Organiser Email:
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