Roseisle Controller's report

Well done to Moravian for staging such an excellent event.  I stepped in for the original controller who decided to move south of the border but found the task very easy indeed.  Denise was a very competent organiser and brought together an effective and efficient team on the day.  Donald’s courses required very little tweaking – the few changes I suggested were accepted and all courses were the right length and the right technical standard.  Roseisle is a fantastic forest allowing for a good selection of easier technical courses (perfect for juniors and schools) but also more testing and demanding courses.  To keep runners off the paths does however mean a lot of control sites – I think around 80 were used.  Well done to the competitors on the 11.6 km Black course who had to navigate to a record 39 controls! We made a couple of minor mistakes – a prominently marked footbridge had unfortunately disappeared at some time in the recent past and a number of competitors either doubled back on their tracks to the nearest available crossing or decided to take an early bath (only mid-thigh deep I am informed).  Eddie the eagle-eyed noted that control 46 was 5-10 metres away from the marked depression but this should not have had too much of a bearing on final results.  It was great to see such a large turnout on the day and thanks go to Moravian and INVOC orienteers who turned out in force as well as competitors from across the country including Aberdeen, Glasgow and Edinburgh.  Roseisle is well-worth the journey.


Colin M

You can also see a few photos taken by Colin here