Planner's report

I received many very positive comments from runners today - both very experienced and also those new to the sport. A massive 283 entries – wow ! A high class area, with a wide range of courses, some very professional organisation, and some nice weather will always be successful. The natural presentation arena looked spectacular (I think some of our national events could benefit from a similar approach). The area we chose for assembly, seemed to encourage post run discussions which was great to see. Great to have so much help from Invoc at the starts – thanks. We are very fortunate to have a very professional timing team, some of whom never go out for a run – we are indebted to you. I like the way that our event officials are already considering lessons to be learned to improve our future events.

As regards the courses… I tried to plan all courses to the right technical level, and especially to provide a technical challenge for TD5 runners. Many TD5 legs were shorter than normal to encourage running through the forest, rather than along paths. This meant more controls than normal (83 in total). Brown and Short Green were probably slightly longer than normal, but most runners seemed to rise to the challenge – a big well done to the Black runners who navigated round 39 controls. 

I tried to provide changes in most courses from runnable forest to hilly to dark green forest to more open ferns, and even threw in some Earthbanks for the Black runners – Roseisle is a tremendous venue, and I wanted you all to experience it.

My apologies for not seeing that the small bridge was missing – although I understand that many benefited from having their feet cooled down in the ditch after a long run. 46 was about 5m from the correct location, I hope it didn’t impact the Black and Brown runners.

Finally… Thanks to all the runners – having so many of you make my job all the more satisfying. And of course thanks to Colin the Controller and Denise the Organiser for your support.


Donald G