Planner's comments at Findhorn

Thanks to team Moravian for helping to create another great event on Saturday. Stephen and I both really enjoyed the organising and planning. Apart from being very rewarding seeing all you guys, and 'future members' there and doing what you love, there are definite side benefits. For organising, you get to know a lot more people in the club...and you're a lovely bunch too. For the planner it brings on your map understanding. There's nothing like placing controls to make me pay attention to the map, at least!  I also had a brilliant mentor in Elizabeth, and when we were out looking for control sites it was like having sessions with a personal coach (otherwise I might have spent days just trying to figure out the 'paths' in the start and finish area).

So if anyone fancies a go at it, have a look at the events calendar as there are some opportunities in the autumn. As we've proved, you don't need to be experts to create a successful event. There are guidelines, you get an experienced club mentor to make sure things are ok, but best of all there's the rest of the club who are very appreciative and very very helpful.  If you're keen on improving skills and helping the club to keep going forward, then organising and planning are for you.  Roo Hornby is our events coordinator, so see him with any questions...he'll be organising the next event.
Also..lost property from Findhorn although I've a feeling that's it's not an orienteer' tweed flat cap


Ali Wiseman