Orienteering on Ice - EUOC "Big" Weekend from the McLuckies.


Event 1:         Indoor at JCMB

Much to the chagrin of the academics and scientists working late on a Friday evening, we joined EUOC in their student pranks running around the corridors (and the icy roof) of the James Clerk Maxwell Building at Edinburgh Uni.  Revenge was sweet for one budding Einstein who pocketed Control 114 beside staircase A on Level 4 (our 3rd Control) before returning to his experiment.  However, his evil plan back-fired when it resulted in a dozen confused orienteers congregating outside his door – the 4 McLuckies included.  We thought the major challenges were behind us once we’d eventually found the only door which gave access to the roof on Level 7 (this involved us realising that only staircase M would do.)  However, once outside we discovered it had turned into a terrifying ice-rink – questionable risk assessment for this section of the course!  Having risked our necks on the roof we thought it was all downhill (or rather down staircases) to the Finish.  It wasn’t.  Staircase J and the Finish, turned out to be only accessible from one of the other 7 Levels!!  This final leg turned into our longest leg of the entire course.  Although Morag studied there (in the 1900s!),staircase J was a modern addition, removing any potential advantage.

Results:          Finlay (& Peter) 1               Kate (& Morag)  0

 Event 2:        FWTN (Fight With the Night)

Or more accurately: First fight with the head-torch cables and then head out into the night – for more skating.

More student pranks on this Urban Sprint with controls hidden in dark recesses of the Science Faculty grounds.  Surprisingly we all managed to remain upright with Kate coming out on top after Finlay’s struggle with a large shipping container – behind which lurked Control 3.

Results:          Finlay (& Peter) 1               Kate (& Morag)  1


Event 3:         The City Race (VOID)

It was a new experience for us as we arrived at the impressive Assembly at George Heriot’s School on a crisp Saturday morning to find the event “voided”.  It seemed most people didn’t avoid it and instead did battle round the icy streets (skates optional.)  More student mischief occurred, battling with the residents of the plush new Quartermile – unfortunately EUOC lost and controls were removed at the last minute.  It was the first time we’d been asked to “honesty punch” one or two controls on each of our courses.  Kate & Finlay raced around the Meadows and George Square on their courses.  Morag & Peter did a tour of the Old Town with added Dumbiedykes (double Dumbiedykes for Peter on Course 2.)  Morag covered 10km on Course 3, Peter nearly 15km (we’re not telling you how long the courses were!)  All agreed it was a great experience, with some amazing Control locations, despite the challenges.

Event 4:         Arthur’s Seat Classic Race (a.k.a. Fight With The Gorse)

Tired legs (Morag & Peter) as we arrived at an icy Holyrood Park for the final event of the Big Weekend.  Getting to the Start was a challenge in itself, as we slipped our way up a path at the back of Salisbury Crags.  The main challenges on the Courses themselves were:

“too many paths to choose from” – Finlay

“trying to run up all the hills” – Kate

“not knowing my East-side from my West-side of the numerous thickets” – Peter

and “sheet ice on the final descent” – Morag

However, we all survived without disaster.  The EUOC annual event lived up to its name: it was certainly Big and it was a Weekend (to remember)!

The McLuckies