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The MAD series are designed by the Moravian Coaching Team to provide opportunities for practice and self learning of orienteering techniques. There will be a PDF map downloadable from the website. A set of coaching notes will be provided so that you can get the best from the exercise. You can of course do whatever you wish. Control sites are marked with orange and white plastic markers with control codes. You take part in this at your own risk. It is recommended that if you go alone that you tell someone who will check that you have returned safely.


Thanks to Elizabeth Furness anf Roo Hornby for these MAD activities, 

Please read the Coaching notes – for safety information if not for coaching tips.


TD 5 Exercises

The exercises are 1.5km from the Welhill Car Park – I’ve included a map to show the Car Park and Start/Finish of MAD exercises. MAD2 and MAD2a are similar – only do one of them. Either will combine with MAD1 as the Finish of MAD1 is the Start of MAD2/2a.


All feedback appreciated.



epfurness ‘at’

Here is the link:

TD 3/4 Exercises

These are mainly designed to assist with Comapss work and 'aiming off' for those that are starting on Orange and those that are moving up to Light Green.  They are also great exercises for more experienced orienteers to practice their skills in a disciplined fashion.

Feeback to roo dot hornby at btinternet dot com

Link is  here for maps and notes



The coaching team would like to have feedback from you so please let us know how you get on and if there are any problems out there.