Kate McLuckie

Kate McLuckie W12



Tell us about when/where/how you started orienteering.

The first time that I heard about orienteering was when I got a flyer through the school(Thanks to Mike Rodgers!) The first event I went to was the Moray and Highland Junior Championships 2014 in Culbin - not that we were competitive! One of the other early memories I have from Orienteering was when my Granny took Finlay and me to an Oakenhead event and we had Jelly beans on the way round.



Why do you like it?

I don't like Orienteering, I love it because you can be competitive with out everyone watching you. I also love it because everyone is very friendly, welcoming and fun to play with. It is great because you learn lots of different skills like map reading, not giving up and resilience (all useful when you get lost!)



Your best orienteering memory?

My best orienteering memory was at the British Relay Championships 2018 because there was a great atmosphere, I had a great team (we came second!) and the commentator was great and very informative. The best bit was running down the finishing straight and finding out that we had come 2nd! It felt Epic.



Your worst (and/or funniest?) orienteering memory?

My worst orienteering memory was when I came in from doing a yellow at Culbin and finding out that I had mispunched. What I had done was sprint down a windy path, cutting all the corners - when one of my controls was on one of those corners!!



Your favourite O area?

My favourite Orienteering area is probably Balmoral because it's got a wide range of landscapes from open to rough, from Easy to intricate contours. It is also special to me because I have done the British and Scottish champs there.



A top O tip for others/favourite piece of kit?

My favourite piece of O kit are my bright blue & green stripy O socks - handy for seeing me coming in at Relay change-overs and for not getting spiked too badly. My top O tip for others would definitely be to not let other people distract you and to always look confident if you see a really good Orienteer out in the forest :)



In your other life... what do you like doing when you're not orienteering?

After school I do a range of things, from sports to music. I play the piano and the cello. I do lots of sports including; swimming, tennis, running, badminton, skiing and biking.



What's your orienteering ambition for the next year?

To win the W12 British championships in 2019.



Anything else you would like us to know?

I would like Team Moravian to know how much I appreciate everyone that has helped me to improve in my orienteering.