Kaisa Oikkonen

Kaisa Oikkonen w35
Tell us about when/where/how you started orienteering.
I started 2015 September with my daughter Ida. First event I ran for me was Culbin with an orange course. I got hooked after shadowing Ida a month before that in Forres. I have some passionate orienteers in my family on my dad's side but I was never into it growing up. Interestingly, my dad also only started orienteering after me and my daughter got into it. It is in the genes maybe...
Why do you like it?

The freedom, exploration, loneliness, getting lost and finding the way again, family athmosphere at events. Spending quality time with my daughter doing something constructive and meaningfull. Keeps me fit mentally and physically.

Your best orienteering memory?

Any time Ive gotten lost but then have found my way to the control. It gives me a high.

Your worst (and/or funniest?) orienteering memory?

1st day of scottish 6 days my daughter first forgot her o shoes, then the dibber, then her compass to the car. However, we both made our start times. That was funny. I think night orienteering is funny when everyone is running around in the woods with their head torches on.

Your favourite O area?

I really liked Abriachan near Inverness. Also most areas near Lahti in Finland. Maybe my favourite is yet to be explored.

A top O tip for others/favourite piece of kit?

Do your own run, check the control number is right and keep your cool.

In your other life... what do you like doing when you're not orienteering
I like being lazy and spending time in bed watching documentaries. I also like laughing and being funny with my daughter.
What's your orienteering ambition for the next year?

To keep out of being injured. Enjoying every event I participate in.

Anything else you would like us to know?

I like unicorns.