Ida Oikkonen

Name and age class
Ida Oikkonen W12
Tell us about when/where/how you started orienteering.
I started basic orienteering skills at school, thanks to my PE teacher. Then in Finland my uncle took me orienteering in a local forest, I tried and liked it. We also discovered there are family connections to orienteering champions from both sides.
Why do you like it?
I like it because I get to laugh at the people with maps and realise that I do that too. You get healthy exercise, an excuse for cake, seeing fellow orienteers and it is nice to be in the wild.
Your best orienteering memory?
My best memory was at the 6-day in 2017. The areas were amazing and challenging. Being at the campsite while sleeping in a tent and hanging out with the Britain's (laughing about a cat in a magazine saying "what do you mean it is not time?" (for food) was funny.) It was also cool coming across a family who is related to me there at the campsite.
Your worst (and/or funniest?) orienteering memory?
My worst memory was DEFINATELY when my mum and I were lost trying to find the SOL in Forvie. My funniest was when there were two boys on their bikes laughing at us running with our weird head torches in Forres during the night training!
Your favourite O area?
Abriachan near Inverness! It was challenging and fun.
A top O tip for others/favourite piece of kit?
Make a checklist for all your equipment (compass, brikke/dipper) if you are forgetful. (like me at the 6-day)
In your other life... what do you like doing when you're not orienteering?
I mostly go to school where it is fun. when not there I like to read, knit and spend time with family and the rabbits.
What's your orienteering ambition for the next year?
Is to try and get closer to the 100th badge and study the control description symbols.
Anything else you would like us to know?
My rabbits are named Rowan and Willo after trees and I hope my sister will try this fun sport when she can actually read a map (she is 1).