How to Join or Renew Moravian


Moravian Orienteers is open to new and renewed membership for 2018.  Sign up at any time from 1 November 2017 and enjoy membership to the end of 2018.  That means up to 14 months of membership for the price of 12 months for new members.  There are lots of benefits to being a member, the most obvious one is that it's cheaper to take part in events, as well as getting discounts at a number of relevant retailers!
You’ll find a link to go through the joining process half way down this page, but please read these important explanatory notes first. 
Existing members will receive an automatic renewal notice from British Orienteering in mid-November.
Two types of membership are available for 2018: membership through British Orienteering (which includes membership of Scottish Orienteering) and membership just through Scottish Orienteering. We encourage you to select the British Orienteering option.  MOR doesn't charge a Club Fee as we feel that the fee to join BOF and SOA is enough and we gain appropriate income from our events.  Most other Scottish Clubs do charge a fee for both Juniors and seniors on top of the BOF and SOA charges.
The SOA describe the various differences and benefits in this link. Please also look at the further links in that article.
Members joining through British Orienteering will benefit from automatic membership of Scottish Orienteering and a host of additional benefits, including:
Participation in the Incentive Scheme (a reward scheme as you progress through the various technical difficulty levels from Beginner through Intermediate to Advanced).  This is an excellent way to gauge how you are improving and enabling the club to celebrate success for members.
Inclusion in Orienteering British rankings (16 years+), with details published on the British Orienteering Federation (BOF) website.
Eligibility for prizes at British Championship events – This is particularly relevant for 2018, when the British Long and Relay Championships are taking place nearby in Deeside
Significant discounts from many very relevant retailers
As well as the discounts available through Scottish Orienteering
SOA Discounts - Scroll down for discounts
Your membership will also give you your own unique "BOF Number" which is your passport to cheaper entry to any event in the UK.
Importantly, your membership of British Orienteering would contribute to supporting the governing body of our sport and orienteering across the whole of the UK.  Membership through Scottish Orienteering only is a recently introduced scheme aimed at people who just want to do small local events; though it does not include all the benefits of membership of British Orienteering, it does offer cheaper entry to events across Scotland.
Whichever membership you choose, prices offer excellent value for money.  Membership through British Orienteering for 2018, which includes automatic membership of Scottish Orienteering, costs £18 for adults and £3.30 for juniors (under 21), whereas membership through Scottish Orienteering only for 2018 costs £8 for adults and is free for juniors (under 21).  The sport of orienteering heavily subsidises junior membership because we know how important it is to have young people in our sport.  If your son or daughter is joining we'd encourage an adult family member to join too, in order to help us grow the sport in the UK.  Also, we do not want to introduce an extra ‘club’ membership fee and feel that the £3.30 for a junior to join British Orienteering is exceptional for what it offers.
If you have any questions about joining or renewing, please chat with the Membership Secretary, Andrew Campbell or any of the club committee as we have spent a considerable amount of time debating the new membership options and we do believe that renewing and/or joining as a British Orienteering member is in the best interests of the Sport we all so enjoy.

Want to join? To get signed up, please click HERE to go through the joining process for British Orienteering.  To get signed up through Scottish Orienteering please click HERE. If you were a member in 2017 please wait until you receive your renewal reminder.

Members will benefit from the following:
Discounted entry fees at orienteering events (normally £1 and occasionally £2 discount depending on the scale of the event).
Automatic inclusion in our club leagues.
Periodical technical coaching for club members and training days.
Access to our "members only" section on the web site to download training maps.
Weekly e-bulletins with club news and forthcoming events/activities.
10% discount at Run4It running shop in Inverness.
The opportunity to be part of a club team in major events and relay races.
Invites to club social events.
Making new friends and getting to know new people.
Scottish Orienteering's Participation Badge Scheme for our junior members.
Opportunities to help design courses at events (British Orienteering Membership only).
Access to the club's maps and equipment (for example, if you'd like to put on an activity at school or at home (a family mini event)).
Membership of the British Orienteering incentive and ranking schemes (British Orienteering Membership only).
Regular Scottish Orienteering newsletters.

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There's never been a better time to get in to the adventure running sport of orienteering. Moray & Inverness jointly hosted the World Orienteering Championships in August 2015. Running alongside WOC2015 was the Scottish 6 Days Event (Highland 2015), the biggest orienteering event that the UK has ever held with over 6,000 participants. The two events combined brought £9.4 million to the Scottish economy and have turned orienteering in to a very popular sport around here! In 2018, at the end of May, we are jointly hosting the Scottish Championships with INVOC and the British Champs are at nearby Royal Deeside the same month.
So you're thinking about joining the club? That makes us happy and we'd certainly love to have you, even if you can only manage the occasional event. We currently (October 2017) have around 200 members.  We welcome members of all ages. Families are particularly well catered for at all our events - there's always at least one course suitable for young children. You can try up to three of our events before joining, so that you can see for yourself whether you and your family would enjoy orienteering.
If you've heard about orienteering, like what you've seen and want to be part of it, even if it's only now and again, it's a great idea to become a club member. 

Remember your membership will go right through until December 2018 

Please also join our Facebook page which is probably the easiest way to keep in touch with what's happening in the club. We also have a "members only" Facebook group for club chat, lift sharing, swapping stories etc. We're also on Twitter @MoravianOClub