How the club league works


What events count?


The Club league, as opposed to the Saturday league, includes events put on by MOR, INVOC, BASOC, MAROC GRAMP or AUOC as well as any events this side of Drumochter put on by southern clubs. We also include more distant events where club members are encouraged to run for the club, such as CompssSport cup rounds, Scottish Championships and JST events.


Within that area, to be included it must be a regional or national event, and colour coded or age class competition and not a mass start, score or other odd version.


Which course should I run?


You can run any course you like, however you will get reduced points should you run a course lower than that nominated for your age class. These are listed on the website under rules. They are:


Brown M18, 20, 21, 35, 40

Blue M45, 50  and W18, 20, 21, 35, 40

Green M16, 55, 60, 65, 70 and W16, 45, 50

Light or short green M14, 75 and upwards, W14, 55, 60, 65, 70

Orange M12, W12, 75 and upwards

Yellow M10, W10

White M/W9 and below


For courses that are only age categorised, if you run the short or B class your score will also be reduced.


How does the scoring work?


Scores are all calculated in relation to the fastest person on your course using the formula - your time divided by winner's time multiplied by 4000.


For every course that you run down below this a factor of 0.2 is knocked off your score, e.g. as an M40 if you run green your score will be multiplied by 0.6, short green then by 0.4. If there are additional short courses increments of 0.1 are used, so if as an M40 you run short brown your score will be multiplied by 0.9.


For age class course short and B courses are multiplied by 0.7.


Should you run a course 5 or more below your nominated one the your points will be multiplied by 0.1, not 0.


How many events count?


Currently your best 6 scores in the year are summed to get your total score. As there is always luck regarding who might win your course it pays to do a lot of events to get rid of scores where the competition forced your score down.


In years where we host the Scottish 6-day in the north area this is increased to the best 7 scores that count.