How to add your route on Routegadget and view the runners

How to use Routegadget 2


Select the event you want to view

Select "Draw" from the top tabs

Select the course you ran from the drop down menu next to “Select Course”

When you have done that, a list of names of the runners on the course plus your time taken should appear.

Select your name

If you zoom in by using the roller ball or the + and – on the top right you should see your course in purple. Your first control should have a red circle. Draw your route by clicking on the map in short sections.

A red line will show your route. When you visit the centre of your first control circle, control 2 will then be red. Do not carry on if your next intended control is not red as you won’t be able to save it at the end.

Once you have visited all the controls and returned to the finish (just like the real thing!) the "save" link will be available.


To view your run and other runners on your course

Choose the "Results" tab and click on your course.

Check the box next to as many runners as you would like to view.

If someone has drawn in their actual route, that will be shown by a grey box to the right of their time.

If you have difficulty with this please let Margaret know