Douglas Murray

Name and age class

Douglas Murray     M80

Tell us about when/where/how you started orienteering.

My daughter Jenny was part of Peggie Gordon's O-group at Forres Academy and I discovered that they used maps!!! This was about 1985 and my first 6-days was Highland 87.

Why do you like it?

An unnecessary question to a map addict. I am amazed at the skill of those unsung heroes (and heroines) who create, correct and update these bits of tyveck without which our sport would be impossible

Your best orienteering memory?

Two of them.The first was crossing the line at the end of Highland 87 having managed to do all my courses in under 2 hours! For the second I was in charge of car-parking for Tentsmuir at Tay 2009. We went to survey for problems beforehand (always a good idea) to find an enormous flat unobstructed field on firm clay with a concrete access. We could have taken double the number of cars - paradise!

Your worst (and/or funniest?) orienteering memory?

Controlling Camerory at Spey 2007 and missing a wrongly placed control on a couple of the longer courses. Legs on either side had to be voided. Of course I can't forget it, since we pass Camerory, just north of Grantown, every time we go south.

Your favourite O area?

Edinburgh streets (without ice, preferably)

A top O tip for others/favourite piece of kit?

For someone who checks result-lists from the bottom up to give advice to others would be ridiculous.
I still usually carry a whistle- remember "no whistle-no go"

In your other life... what do you like doing when you're not orienteering?

Music - singing myself, and listening with awe to the things my grandsons do with brass instruments

What's your orienteering ambition for the next year?

To perform respectably at the British Champs at Balmoral. It will be rough.

Anything else you would like us to know?

As the club's current M80, I remember that our first one was the late Bob Climie, to whom Moravian and indeed all Scottish orienteering still owe a debt.