An appeal from Sheila, the SCORE Editor

We received this note from Sheila Reynolds who edits the SOA's SCORE magazine. Given the talents of our juniors for writing orienteering stories we wonder if this might appeal to some of you youngsters out there. Go on, you know you want to!

Hello All,

I hope that you've all received, and read, the September issue of SCORE.  As is always the case, please feel free to contact me with any SCORE-related comments, questions or concerns.
I'm contacting clubs to ensure that all are aware of the copy date for the December issue.  Printing & delivery of SCORE typically takes nearly two weeks, so it is imperative that a print-ready document be sent to Groverprint before the end of December.  The more time available for layout, editing and sourcing & receiving permissions for photos and maps, the better the end product will be, so your cooperation with regard to submitting pieces at or near copy date is much appreciated. (NB - the copy date is 4th November - ed)
I welcome submissions from clubs, their members, and even tangential entities or organisations -- it's important that SCORE reflect the interests and activities of its members.  That being the case, I encourage you all to share my requests for submissions with all of your members and encourage them to contribute to SCORE.
As I noted in the September issue, the addition of a Junior-specific section arose from a conversation with a junior (who told me -- without being aware that I was the editor -- that SCORE is pretty boring, something that I did not take personally!).  So, if you have juniors willing and able to contribute pieces to SCORE, please point them in my direction.  If you have a junior SCORE-reader in your home, ask them what they would like to see in SCORE that may make them more willing to read it.  Are they interested in profiles of juniors?  How the ScotJOS and other juniors train?  Opportunities for juniors to grow, train and advance?  Let me know.
I would also like to continue including pieces about orienteers, those who are new to O, and those who have been doing it for decades.  This can only be done if members are willing to share their stories, so please encourage your members in this as well.
And finally, one thing that I notice is there are clubs who are keen to know what is working, &/or not working, with regard to attracting and retaining new members.  This could be related to social  media, local park runs, Active Schools engagement, and much more.  My opinion is that there is value in various clubs submitting short pieces (200-300 words) about what is or is not working for them, perhaps sticking to one thing to keep the piece short.  A series of these could then be strung together as a single feature.  If your club is interested in taking part in that sort of a piece, please let me know.
Thanks to all for your support over the last year, it's been very much appreciated.
Sheila Reynolds