(9th June) Jamie Stevenson Trophy Team Finalized

As usual, that has been great enthusiasm for our annual junior trip. And what a team Pippa has put together!

It's really nice to see some JST first timers (the McKay boys, Ida Oikkonnen and Michael Bishenden) joining our regulars.

Here is our team declaration. If anyone who thinks they'd asked to come has been missed off, please contact Pippa urgently (phweir at btinternet.com). Pippa will be in touch with all team members with the arrangements for the day - and the very best of luck to you all!


Alana Coutts W10

Michael Bishenden M12

Finlay McLuckie M10

Kate McLuckie W10

Ryan Curran M12

Hayley Curran W12

Scarlett Britain W10

Sophie Howard W10

Fergus Kenyon M10 and Glenn McKay M10 (pair)



Ben Coutts M12

Connor Curran M14

Faith Kenyon W12

Lewis McWilliam M12

Ida Oikkonen W12

Josh Britain M14

Findlay McKay M12

Isobel Howard W12

Eva Wiseman W12

(Lewis Hay M14 - Lewis is a late request to be in the team and is subject to the organizers accepting a late entry)


Light Green

Carrie Brown W14

Scott Perry M14

David Spencer M14

Hannah Kingham W14



Daniel Campbell M16

Mairi Weir W16


Also travelling as fan club

Karen, Mick and Gemma Curran

Peter and Morag McLuckie

Either Paul or Lesley Coutts

Phil and Lil Kenyon

Liz Campbell

Debbie McWilliam

Pippa Weir