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Welcome to Moravian 


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You don't have to be a member to come to our events, but if you want to get the most out of your orienteering you can join our club. Click HERE,follow the prompts and you'll be able to call yourself a Moravian!

Future Moravian Events

Sun, 27 May 18 Roseisle from Burghead

Scottish Relay Championships

Please access all information from

Sat, 09 Jun 18 Anagach

Moray and Highland Junior Championships

Hosted by BASOC with details here

Sun, 17 Jun 18 Braemar

Jamie Stevenson Trophy

Annual Junior Team Competition; this time closer to home and hosted by MAROC with details here.

Sat, 23 Jun 18 Findhorn

Saturday Series and Moray & Nairn Schools League

Junior Moravian Planning and Organsing team 

Results & splits for recent events

Sat, 12 May 18 - Culbin - Training and Advice




Related Events (Organised by other clubs)

Wed, 23 May 18 Culbin Forest

Culbin Forest Run on WORLD ORIENTEERING DAY - 2nd in the Series of 4.  Run in your MOR tops :-)

Sat, 26 May 18 Achagour, South of Nairn

INVOC lead, link here

Wed, 06 Jun 18 Quarrelwood

Quarrelwood Forest Run - 3rd in the Series of 4.  Run in your MOR tops :-)

Wed, 20 Jun 18 Roseisle

Roseisle Forest Run - 4th in the Series of 4.  Run in your MOR tops :-).  Because of the embargo for the SOL in Oct, please DO NOT take any Roseisle O Maps in.

Sun, 23 Sep 18 Scottish O League Event 3

The third SOL race of the season organized by BASOC. Just a date placeholder for the time being