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Welcome to Moravian 


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You don't have to be a member to come to our events, but if you want to get the most out of your orienteering you can join our club. Click HERE,follow the prompts and you'll be able to call yourself a Moravian!

Future Moravian Events

Sat, 27 May 17 Findhorn

Saturday Series and Moray & Nairn Schools League

Registration 1015 -1115 down the Dunes Road. Non-club members welcome. Reserve your map. It will be hot, so bring plenty to drink and a picnic.

Sun, 04 Jun 17 Dulnain Bridge

Moray & Highland Junior Champs (& open local event)

Organized by BASOC but listed in "our" events as this is one of the stand-out local events for our junior members and non-members alike this year - almost a home fixture

Sat, 17 Jun 17 Culbin

Saturday and Moray & Nairn Schools League

Kirsty McArthur is planning this one, with some help from the Barrs.

Results & splits for recent events

Sat, 27 May 17 - Findhorn
Saturday Series and Moray & Nairn Schools League


Resuts will be up about early evening time
Don't Miss It. No need to be in a club to take part.
Please register by Monday night (see event details in above link)



Related Events (Organised by other clubs)

Sun, 28 May 17 Tyrebagger Woods, W of Aberdeen - GRAMP Level C Event

Easy to get to this side of Aberdeen, and another counting event for the Club League. This is being run as a "middle distance" event so courses will be shorter and more intense than normal!

Tue, 30 May 17 Carrbridge - BASOC Evening Event & Schools League

The second of BASOC's Evening Series & Schools League featuring Yellow, Orange and Green courses. Anyone can run the Schools League courses but only local schools count for the awards.

Wed, 31 May 17 Craig Phadrig, Inverness

The last of INVOC's excellent Evening Event and Schools League series. They get 100s of kids and the courses are good for adults too. Ord Hill is the woods just across the Kessock Bridge.

Wed, 31 May 17 Countesswells (Aberdeen) - GRAMP Summer Series

4 courses and part of the Grampian Adventure Challenge Series

Wed, 31 May 17 Strathdon - MAROC Evening Event

For members in E Moray and Speyside, this is a viable alternative to INVOC's event. 3 courses on offer.